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"A skilled fighter and natural leader, Trench is the heart of the Rogue Company team."
— In-game Description

Samuel "Trench" Joseph is a Rogue in Rogue Company.


Hailing from American Samoa, Samuel is a former professional football player that hired Rogue Company to rescue his daughter, who was kidnapped and held for ransom. The mission was a success, personally led by The Director. The event changed Samuel's life, and he trained to join the Rogue's and help make a difference in the lives of others.

Gameplay Description

Trench is a Defender, a Rogue Company member that focuses on securing objective locations and slowing the enemy advance. He wields the ability to deploy a barbed wire trap. Enemies caught in the trap will have their movement slowed. He can also carry extra gadgets.

Trench's job is to block as many paths as he can from the enemy team and slow or prevent them from getting to the objective.


HRM-30KS Icon.png
MX-R Icon.png
Executioner Icon.png
Melee Weapon
Baseball Bat Icon.png
Tear Gas Grenade Icon.png
Active Protection System Icon.png


Ability Barbed Wire Grenade
Barbed Wire Grenade.PNG
  • Create a field of barbed wire that slows enemies.
Passive Gadget Up
Gadget Up.PNG
  • Carry an additional gadget


Berserker Berserker.PNG
  • Gain the ability to reload while sprinting.
Shredder Rounds Shredder Rounds.PNG
  • Deal more damage to equipment and carry more ammunition.
Tenacity Tenacity.PNG
  • Take reduced damage from explosives.
Bounce Back Bounce Back.PNG
  • Reduce your health regeneration delay.
Headstrong Headstrong.PNG
  • Gain an additional 25 armor.
Tracker Rounds Tracker Rounds.PNG
  • Damaging an enemy with a firearm will reveal them to your team.

Mastery Rewards

Level Reward Icon Reward
Trench Mastery Spray.png
Trench Mastery Spray
Trench Mastery Avatar.png
Trench Mastery Avatar
Trench Mastery Emote.png
Trench Mastery Emote
Trench Mastery Banner Icon.png
Trench Mastery Banner
Trench Mastery Border Icon.png
Trench Mastery Border


Ingame Informations
Default Trench.png Icon
Default Trench Icon.png
Rarity: Common
Source: Default
Release Date: July 20, 2020

Ingame Informations
Maverick Trench.png Icon
Maverick Trench Icon.png
Rarity: Uncommon
Source: Store Rotation: Currency Rogue Bucks.png 500
Release Date: September 16, 2020


Trench's Quotes

Spawning in Ship

  • "With a team like this, we can't lose."
  • "Play together. Win together. It's that simple."


  • "Sure. That's fine."
  • "Heh. Good choice."

Eliminating an Enemy

  • "Quit messing around."


  • "


  • "Much appreciated."


  • "You're not out of this yet."

Marking Enemy Location

  • "Enemy spotted!"

Shot From Behind

  • "Behind us!"

Using Gadget

  • "Deploying utility."
  • "Utility out!"

Last Alive

  • "

Hacking the Objective

  • "

Picking up the Bomb

  • "

Planting Bomb

  • "

Defusing Bomb

  • "


  • "


Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Weapons- Trench utilizes weapons the distances him from his enemies. He uses the HRM-30KS, which is the most damaging assault rifle and has the shortest reload time. He also uses the MX-R, a DMR that has sufficient properties and privileges.
  • Abilities- Enemies caught in the Barbed Wire will have their movement slowed and will be restricted from certain movement and speed privileges. Carrying extra gadgets allows Trench to activate extra defenses.
  • Gadgets- The Tear Gas Grenade disorients enemies, ruining their aim, increasing their chances of missing shots. The first upgrade increases the tear gas duration. The second upgrade increases the grenade count. The Active Protective System can destroy enemy gadgets, stopping them from getting through Trench's defenses.


  • Weapons- The HRM-30KS has the slowest fire rate and the smallest magazine size. The MX-R has the worst handling and the longest reload time.
  • Abilities- Trench's Barbed Wire can be destroyed by being meleed or explosions. Grenades, Ballistic Knife, MIRV Launcher, anything that can explode will destroy the Barbed Wire.
  • Gadgets- Allies will also be affected by the Tear Gas. The Active Protective System can be destroyed.

Tips and Tricks

As/With Trench

  • Place the Barbed Wire Grenade in enemy paths to slow their forces.

Against Trench

  • Trench likes to hide near his barbed wire trap to down anyone who goes through it.
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