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"Hitman for hire by only the wealthiest and most connected, "The Fixer" always hits his mark."
— In-game Description

The Fixer is a Rogue featured in Rogue Company.


Darius Gray always insisted on making a profit from business. Becoming a hitman required his all-around attention, but that didn't stop him from acquiring his debt. Obtaining the name "The Fixer" from fixing problems that only the elite agents could solve, Rogue Company proposed a position that was only unique to someone like him. When Jackal showed their faces and high level threats, Fixer was accompanied by the Director to put Jackal where they belong. He accepted the job, as long as the pay was worth collecting.


The Fixer is an extrovert and doesn't mind speaking his thoughts about ongoing situations. He usually doesn't think that many of the problems Rogue Company must face are big deals, especially because they have him. He shows off a Southern personality, but does take business seriously.

Gameplay Description

The Fixer is a Sniper, a Rogue Company member that excels at dealing substantial damage in long range combat. His Thermal Vision ability allows him to see enemy heat signatures through smoke, giving him chances to attack hidden enemies. His passive ability, Shrapnel Rounds, slows enemies when damaging them with a firearm.

As a sniper, The Fixer must keep his distance from enemies and assist allies from afar. In chaotic battles that include smoke, he must eliminate enemies that his teammates cannot see.


  • Tyr
    Sniper Rifle
Tyr Icon.png
D3D-i Icon.png
Warrant Icon.png
Melee Weapon
Baseball Bat Icon.png
Cluster Smoke Icon.png
C4 Icon.png


Ability Thermal Vision
Thermal Vision.PNG
  • While activated, see enemy heat signatures for 6 seconds.
Passive Shrapnel Rounds
Shrapnel Rounds.PNG
  • Damaging an enemy with a firearm slow them for a duration.


Toughen Up Toughen Up.PNG
  • Take reduced damage from melee weapons.
Berserker Berserker.PNG
  • Gain the ability to reload while sprinting.
Helping Hand Helping Hand.PNG
  • Revive Teammates Faster.
Bounce Back Bounce Back.PNG
  • Reduce your health regeneration delay.
Life Drain Life Drain.PNG
  • Downing an enemy heals for a significant amount over a short duration.
Replenish Replenish.PNG
  • Downing or eliminating an enemy reloads your currently equipped weapon and restores ammunition.

Mastery Rewards

Level Reward Icon Reward Level Reward Icon Reward
The Fixer Mastery Spray.png
The Fixer Mastery Spray 6 / /
The Fixer Mastery Avatar.png
The Fixer Mastery Avatar 7 / /
The Fixer Mastery Emote.png
The Fixer Mastery Emote 8 / /
The Fixer Mastery Banner Icon.png
The Fixer Mastery Banner 9 / /
The Fixer Mastery Border Icon.png
The Fixer Mastery Border 10
Epic Title Icon.png
"20-20 Vision" Title


Ingame Informations
Default The Fixer.png Icon
Default The Fixer Icon.png
Rarity: Common
Source: Default
Release Date: November 4, 2020

All Gold Everything
Ingame Informations
All Gold Everything The Fixer.png Icon
All Gold Everything The Fixer Icon.png
Rarity: Uncommon
Source: Store Rotation: Currency Rogue Bucks.png 500
Release Date: November 4, 2020

One Shot One Kill
Ingame Informations
One Shot One Kill The Fixer.png Icon
One Shot One Kill The Fixer Icon.png
Rarity: Rare
Source: Battle Pass 1: Instant Unlock BP Premium.png
Release Date: February 3, 2021


The Fixer's Quotes

Spawning in Ship

  • "Remember, you agreed to this. No turnin' back now."
  • "It's just business. Don't take it personal."


  • "Oh yeah, that's the one..."
  • "Spending 'em benjies, that's what they're there for."
  • "Ooh, wee!"

Eliminating an Enemy

  • "You thought you had a chance against me?"
  • "Today only. Revenge killing half-off."


  • "Aye, get me up. OG down."
  • "I'm down, mayday!


  • "My man, my man."


  • "Get up!"

Planting Bomb

  • "I'm planting, cover me."

Using Ability

  • "Try and run, see where it gets you."
  • "You can't hide forever."

Last Alive

  • "Guarantee you ain't stopping me."


  • "Man, this was always a solo job. Easy win."

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Weapons- The Tyr sniper has a faster fire rate the LR15 Fullbody sniper. The D3D-i has great range and sufficient handling. The Warrant has the fastest reload time if upgraded.
  • Abilities- The Fixer can see enemies through smoke (much similar to Phantom), protecting his teammates because they can't see them. The Fixer also slows down enemies when he damages them with a firearm, making their escape from danger much more complicated.
  • Gadgets- The cluster smoke is mostly used for The Fixer's ability, but it can be used to search for enemies that are trying to be sneaky. The C4 is excellent for making enemies rethink their route or area of cover choices. The first upgrade increase the throw distance and the second increases the damage.


  • Weapons- The Tyr has lesser privileges than the LR15 Fullbody. The D3D-i has a slower fire rate and a reload time of 1.8 seconds. The Warrant has the worst handling (notably if the Executioner is upgraded).
  • Abilities- The Fixer can see through other smoke except for Phantom's Nano Smoke.
  • Gadgets- The cluster smoke does not show any necessary weaknesses. Enemies can easily shoot and destroy the C4.

Tips and Tricks

As/With The Fixer

  • When pushing, throw the cluster grenade on the enemies or objective, get inside, and activate heat vision. This will hide you if enemies don't use an ability to reveal you, and heat vision will allow you to see enemies through your smoke. This basically works to temporarily blind your enemies inside the cluster grenade while you can see and give you or your teammates extra cover for a resurrection.

Against The Fixer

  • The Fixer cannot see through Phantom's Nano smoke and when an enemy equips the cloaked perk, they cannot be seen through smoke when the Fixer uses his Thermal Vision. Because of this, you can take advantage of the Fixer and attack him while he can't see you.

Patch Notes

December 16 2020 Patch Notes:

  • Tyr: Fixed an issue where this rifle didn’t have constant damage falloff. (Adjustment)
  • C4: Slightly increased throw distance at all levels. (Buff)

January 13 2021 Patch Notes:

  • Tyr: Weapon range reduced from 70m to 40m. (Nerf)
  • Bounce Back: Previously reduced the time it took for the health regeneration to start by 2 seconds. In addition to reducing that time, Bounce Back will now give players 30 health per second instead of 20. The overall time to reach max health will be significantly shorter. (Buff)

February 3 2021 Patch Notes:

  • D3D-i:
    • Headshot damage increased from 54 to 58. (Buff)
    • Body damage increased from 34 to 38. (Buff)
    • Falloff damage increased. (Buff)

March 10 2021 Patch Notes:

  • Warrant: Range increased from 12m to 13m. Body damage increased from 20 to 21. (Buff)

March 26 2021 Patch Notes:

  • Thermal Vision: Increased the glow on his glasses to help visibility from a distance. (Nerf)

May 12 2021

  • Reduced the amount of ammo in the Tyr to one bullet
  • Buffed the Tyr damage from 60 to 80

August 10 2021

  • Ability duration reduced from 12 to 6 seconds