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"A world champion freerunner and social media super-star, Lancer shook the world by joining Rogue Company."
— In-game Description

Lancer is a Rogue featured in Rogue Company.

Lancer is a Duelist, a Rogue Company member that win combat engagements and force trades with the enemy team. Her unique ability grants a temporary boost in movement speed and silences her footsteps. Her passive ability allows her to automatically reload her weapon during a dodge-roll.


A talented free runner turned Olympian, Lancer capitalized on her success, cutting multiple deals with apparel companies and actively engaging with her fans on Social Media. A prominent and visible member of Rogue Company, Lancer loves the spotlight and often uses the platform it provides to amplify the voices of her followers and those in need.



24S Icon.png
Striker 8x10 Icon.png
Spitfire Icon.png
Melee Weapon
Throwing Axe Icon.png
Smoke Grenade Icon.png
Semtex Grenade Icon.png


Active Quick and Quiet

Quick and Quiet.PNG

Gain increased movement speed, quieter movement for a duration or until firing your weapon.
Passive Elusive


Activating dodge roll reloads your currently equipped weapon.


Padded Steps Padded Steps.PNG Silence the sound of your footsteps when not sprinting.
Shredder Rounds Shredder Rounds.PNG Deal more damage to equipment and carry more ammunition
Stalker Stalker.PNG Removes aim down sights movement speed penalty.
Helping Hand Helping Hand.PNG Revive teammates faster.
Tracker Rounds Tracker Rounds.PNG Damaging an enemy with a firearm will reveal them to your team.
Life Drain Life Drain.PNG Downing an enemy heals for a significant amount over a short duration.



"The 24S is a lightweight submachine gun.

"The Striker 8-by-10 is a ruthless automatic shotgun."

Lancer is effective at close range engagements. The 24S SMG is the third most damaging SMG, but has the lowest mag size of any SMG even when upgraded (excluding if the LMP-X was not upgraded). The Striker 8x10 is the fastest firing shotgun and has the largest magazine size, but does the lowest damage, has the lowest range, and has the longest reload time. The Spitfire pistol has the fastest rate of fire (due to it being a rapid firing pistol) and deals the least damage and travels the least distance compared to other pistols.


Lancer using her ability to sprint around the map without gaining attention.

Lancer can sprint without making noise and move as quickly as possible without being detected. She can reach the other side of the map and flank distracted enemies, but Lancer's ability will deactivate when she fires her weapon. Elusive is a very useful passive ability because in a fight, while the enemy may have to reload, Lancer will be able to finish them off because her weapon was reloaded quickly.


Lancer throwing the Semtex Grenade.

The Smoke Grenade can be used to block enemy vision, which can give Lancer the opportunity to flank the enemy while they are distracted with the smoke. The Semtex Grenade is given to Lancer for its quick explosion time, pairing well with her to swiftly strike against the enemy.

Significant Perks

Lancer's key perks are Life Drain, Tracker Rounds, and Stalker. Life Drain gives Lancer health back, so when she engages into another fight, she'll have a sufficient amount of health to engage with. Tracker Rounds gives Lancer the vision to see where enemies are when she shoots them, so she can plan certain attacks based on their position. Stalker allows Lancer to move quicker when aiming down sights so that she'll be a harder target to hit.

Notable Strengths

Lancer can always overwhelm an enemy in a fight by having her clip instantly reloaded while the enemy must reload theirs. They'll be low on ammunition, which gives Lancer the opportunity to attack them at their lowest position. Lancer can also gain health back and gain intel on the enemy, so she has multiple ways to keep on engaging the enemy. She also can't be revealed when using her ability, so this will allow her to perform many successful surprise attacks.

Notable Weaknesses

Lancer can easily be out-gunned from long ranged weapons and does not have other ways of survivability aside from Life Drain.


Lancer is most likely the Rogue that always starts a fight first. She is quick to get into battle and but can also become the "silent but deadly" Rogue. When Lancer gets into one on one engagements, she will win most fights. Lancer is the quick paced Duelist, as once she begins her momentum, Lancer may take an entire team on her own.

Rogue Match-Up Synergy Match-Up Difficulty
Anvil Portrait.png


Chaac Portrait.png


Dahlia Portrait.png


Dallas Portrait.png


Dima Portrait.png


Gl1tch Portrait.png


Kestrel Portrait.png


Lancer Portrait.png


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Talon Portrait.png


TheFixer Portrait.png

The Fixer

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Vy Portrait.png


Major Synergy

  • (To be added)

Major Counter

  • (To be added)

Mastery Rewards

Level Reward Icon Reward Level Reward Icon Reward
Lancer Mastery Spray.png
Lancer Mastery Spray 6 / /
Lancer Mastery Avatar.png
Lancer Mastery Avatar 7 / /
Lancer Mastery Emote.png
Lancer Mastery Emote 8 / /
Lancer Mastery Banner Icon.png
Lancer Mastery Banner 9 / /
Lancer Mastery Border Icon.png
Lancer Mastery Border 10
Epic Title Icon.png
"Influencer" Title


Ingame Informations
Default Lancer.png Icon
Default Lancer Icon.png
Rarity: Common
Source: Default
Release Date: July 20, 2020

Ingame Informations
Downhill Lancer.png Icon
Downhill Lancer Icon.png
Rarity: Uncommon
Source: Store Rotation: Currency Rogue Bucks.png 500
Release Date: September 2, 2020

Blue Streak
Ingame Informations
Blue Streak Lancer.png Icon
Blue Streak Lancer Icon.png
Rarity: Uncommon
Source: Store Rotation: Currency Rogue Bucks.png 500
Release Date: January 27, 2021

Golden Absque
Ingame Informations
Golden Absque Lancer.png Icon
Golden Absque Lancer Icon.png
Rarity: Rare
Source: Battle Pass 2: Level 15 BP Premium.png
Release Date: May 11, 2021

Night Runner
Ingame Informations
Night Runner Lancer.png Icon
Night Runner Lancer Icon.png
Rarity: Epic
Source: Ultimate Founder's Pack
Release Date: July 20, 2020


Lancer's Quotes

Spawning in Ship

  • "Does anyone mind if I stream?"
  • "Move fast. Check your targets."


  • "Ooh, la-la!"
  • "Ah! This will help."

Eliminating an Enemy

  • "Now, this is exciting!"
  • "Is that all you've got?"


  • "Need help!"
  • "I need help!"


  • "Good, merci!"
  • "Ah, merci."


  • "Put some dirt on it!"
  • "I've got you!"

Marking Enemy Location

  • "Enemy spotted!"

Shot From Behind

  • "Enemies behind us!"

Using Gadget

  • "Deploying lethal!"
  • "Deploying utility."
  • "Utility out!"

Last Alive

  • "After me again, huh?"
  • "I've got this!"

Hacking the Objective

  • "I'm on the objective."

Picking up the Bomb

  • "I have the bomb."

Planting Bomb

  • "I'm planting the bomb."

Defusing Bomb

  • "I'm defusing the bomb!"


  • "Mission complete. Now, anyone up for a race?"
  • "There are no limits. Only obstacles to fly over."


  • Early in development, Lancer was known as "Blur" and "Night Runner".
  • Lancer is a francophone and has the flag of France on her backpack.


Patch Notes

Patch Notes
  • October 14 2020 The Arena Update:
    • Tracker Rounds: Reveal time from 3 sec to 4 sec.
    • Semtex: Reduced outer explosion radius from 4.25m to 4m.
    • 24S: Range increased from 10.5m to 12.5m. Increased ADS movement speed.
    • Spitfire: Unlimited ammo gone, now has 105 rounds.
  • November 4 2020 Patch Notes:
    • Spitfire:
      • Reticle bloom was reduced
      • Range increased from 8 to 9 meters
      • Adjusted damage falloff range
  • February 3 2021 Patch Notes:
    • Quick and Quiet: No longer provides mini-map detection immunity. Ability cooldown increased from 30 seconds to 45 seconds.
  • May 11 2021 Mack Update:
    • 24S: Damage increased from 15 to 17.
    • Striker 8x10:
      • Body damage increased from 60 to 66.
      • Headshot damage increased from 75 to 80.
      • Range increased to 6.5.