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"Kestrel was doing the work of a Rogue since before Rogue Company even existed."
— In-game Description

Kestrel is a Rogue in Rogue Company.

Kestrel is a Duelist, a Rogue Company member that wins combat engagements and forces trades with the enemy team. Kestrel utilizes high-tech mini-drones to launch an explosive rocket barrage at enemies. Upon downing an enemy, Kestrel will gain an extra $500.


Ten years ago, Kestrel started fighting to make the world a better place, and looking good while doing it. She was a founding member of Rogue Company, but retired and invested her take into business opportunities, most notably on one of the largest activewear clothing brands in South Asia, making her one of the richest women in the world.


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Riptide Icon.png
Knight Icon.png
P12K Icon.png
Melee Weapon
Kukri Icon.png
Adrenaline Shot Icon.png
Bounce Grenade Icon.png


Active Halo Drones

Halo Drones.PNG

Deploy a cluster of halo drones in your direction that will fire a barrage of rockets in the direction you are looking.
Passive Legend's Contract

Legend's Contract.PNG

Gain 500 extra cash per down.


Berserker Berserker.PNG Gain the ability to reload while sprinting.
Padded Steps Padded Steps.PNG Silence the sound of your footsteps when not sprinting
Stalker Stalker.PNG Removes aim down sights movement speed penalty.
Helping Hand Helping Hand.PNG Revive teammates faster.
Replenish Replenish.PNG Downing an enemy reloads your currently equipped weapon and restores ammunition.
Resupply Resupply.PNG Eliminating an enemy causes them to drop a supply kit. Picking up a supply kit re-equips your purchased gadgets.



"Telson Prowe's cutting edge rifle fires with skullsplitting efficiency."

"Alfa Proyekt's lightweight SMG, known for its high lethality when aimed at center mass."

The Riptide is the second fastest firing assault rifle, but has the second worst handling. The Knight is the most damaging SMG with the second furthest range and the third best handling, but has the slowest fire rate and the second slowest reload time. The P12K is tied in second with the Executioner for having the longest range, has the third best handling and has the fastest reload time of any pistol at base tier.


Kestrel sending her drones to fly towards the enemy.

Kestrel's drones can fly as far as it will and will only stop until it hits a surface. The explosion radius is 5 meters and can even damage enemies behind certain walls. Gaining an extra $1000 per down allows Kestrel to gain more utility, upgrades and perks faster than other Rogues. In future rounds, Kestrel will have the upper hand.


Kestrel preparing to throw the Bounce Grenade.

Kestrel uses the Bounce Grenade to clear out enemies that are around corners or behind walls. Along with her drones, Kestrel can achieve many surprise attacks and induce enemies to always beware of when she will make a move. For emergency moments, Kestrel has access to the Adrenaline Shot to quickly get her health back up to have the higher hand in a fight or to make a hasty retreat from an overwhelming fight.

Significant Perks[]

Kestrel's key perks are Resupply, Replenish and Helping Hand. Resupply gives Kestrel her gadgets back so that she can continue to deplete the enemy team or to always have some way to succeed or retreat from a fight. Replenish gives Kestrel her entire clip back, so when she engages into another fight, she'll have all of her ammo to engage with. Helping Hand will apply Kestrel with the assist of being able to get teammates back into the fight quicker.

Notable Strengths[]

Kestrel can always have some sort of way to attack the enemy without throwing herself into the open and can keep herself alive. Having more utility and upgrades will keep Kestrel a few steps ahead of her enemies. She can also keep something in her arsenal to have an advantage over her enemies.

Notable Weaknesses[]

Enemies that play from far distances (Such as Phantom, Fixer or Talon) will force Kestrel to not use her drones. Because they are far away, not only will they see the drones coming easily, but they will easily get out of the way, causing Kestrel to waste her ability.


Kestrel has many different tools to attack enemies without ultimately exposing her position. Forcing trades with the enemy, Kestrel will have back up, even if it isn't her teammates. Her drones can take care of business while Kestrel deals with other enemies and she can down multiple enemies at the same time, removing problems before anyone sees it coming.

Rogue Match-Up Synergy Match-Up Difficulty
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Chaac Portrait.png


Dahlia Portrait.png


Dallas Portrait.png


Dima Portrait.png


Gl1tch Portrait.png


Kestrel Portrait.png


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Talon Portrait.png


TheFixer Portrait.png

The Fixer

Trench Portrait.png


Vy Portrait.png


Major Synergy[]

  • (To be added)

Major Counter[]

  • (To be added)

Mastery Rewards[]

Level Reward Icon Reward Level Reward Icon Reward
Kestrel Mastery Spray.png
Kestrel Mastery Spray 6 / /
Kestrel Mastery Avatar.png
Kestrel Mastery Avatar 7 / /
Kestrel Mastery Emote.png
Kestrel Mastery Emote 8 / /
Kestrel Mastery Banner Icon.png
Kestrel Mastery Banner 9 / /
Kestrel Mastery Border Icon.png
Kestrel Mastery Border 10
Epic Title Icon.png
"Living Legend" Title


Ingame Informations
Default Kestrel.png Icon
Default Kestrel Icon.png
Rarity: Common
Source: Default
Release Date: February 3, 2021

Crimson Monarch
Ingame Informations
Crimson Monarch Kestrel.png Icon
Crimson Monarch Kestrel Icon.png
Rarity: Uncommon
Source: Store Rotation: Currency Rogue Bucks.png 500
Release Date: February 3, 2021

Ingame Informations
Empress Kestrel.png Icon
Empress Kestrel Icon.png
Rarity: Epic
Source: Store Rotation: Currency Rogue Bucks.png 1500
Release Date: September 7, 2021


Kestrel's Quotes
Locking in
  • "There's always another job.
  • "You know the price."
  • "I see you need the guidance of an expert."
  • "(Laughs) Your rookies could not get it done?"

Spawning in Ship

  • "Either assist me or get out of my way."
  • "I'll show you what a real Rogue looks like."
  • "Everything around you, it would not be here if not for me".
  • "Save the day. Look good. Get paid."


  • "Only the best."
  • "(Laughs) From my personal collection."
  • "Very nice."
  • "Exquisite."

Using Ability

  • "Fly."

Eliminating an enemy

  • "I almost broke a sweat."
  • "You called me for this?"
  • "You're out of your debts."
  • "You can't compare to me."
  • "A trivial threat."


  • "Get me up."


  • "You're. Slowing. Me. Down."
  • "Is that all you can do?"


  • "Took you long enough."
  • "I'll finish this."

Marking Enemy Location

  • "Enemy spotted."

Shot from Behind

  • "Behind us!"

Using Gadget

  • "Lethal out!"
  • "Utility out!"

Picking up the Bomb

  • "I have the bomb."

Planting the Bomb

  • "I'm planting the bomb."

Defusing the Bomb

  • "I'm defusing the bomb."

Last Alive

  • "This is a one woman job."


  • "I'm successful, yet again."
  • "Was I really needed for this?"
  • "You were outclassed. Next time don't bother to show up.



Patch Notes[]

March 23 2021 Patch Notes:

  • Riptide: Range reduced to 19m (Nerf)

March 26 2021 Patch Notes:

  • Knight: Level 2 upgrade now also increases hipfire accuracy. (Buff)
  • Replenish- Now triggers on Downs and Eliminations (Buff)
  • Bounce Grenade:
    • Base: Increased fuse time from 1s to 1.25s. (Nerf)
    • Level 1: Now increases explosion radius. (Change)
    • Level 2: Now increases damage to 125. (Change)

May 2021 Patch Notes:

  • Riptide: Body damage increased to 18. Headshot damage increased to 27. (Buff)
  • Knight: Body damage increased from 22 to 25. Headshot damage increased from 31 to 32. (Buff)
  • P12K: Clip increased from 8 to 9. (Buff)