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"A former Texas lawman, Dallas is widely regarded as one of the best trackers in the world."
— In-game Description

Jim "Dallas" Murphy is a Rogue in Rogue Company.


Dallas made a name for himself as an effective, if not reckless, bounty hunter. A risk taker by trade, he earned a black mark across the American criminal underworld for bringing in one to many high profile mob bosses. Dealing with a price on his own head, he was recently recruited by Rogue Company, and now operates outside the United States.

Gameplay Description

Dallas is an Intel Rogue, a Rogue Company member that helps his team gain information on enemy positions to turn engagements in their favor. Dallas has the Target Finder ability which reveals the location of the closest enemy on the opposing team for a short amount of time. His Recharge ability allows his primary ability to recharge when downing an enemy.

Dallas must giveaway enemy cover positions or route locations so that they will have nowhere to hide. With his very damaging weapons and Target Finder ability, Dallas can be the brains and the brawn of the team.


HRM-30KS Icon.png
Devotion Icon.png
LW6 Revolver Icon.png
Melee Weapon
Throwing Axe Icon.png
EMP Grenade Icon.png
Incendiary Grenade Icon.png


Ability Target Finder
Target Finder.PNG
  • Reveal the closest enemy for a short duration.
Passive Recharge
  • Recharge your ability upon downing an enemy.


Padded Steps Padded Steps.PNG
  • Silence the sound of your footsteps when not sprinting.
Berserker Berserker.PNG
  • Gain the ability to reload while sprinting.
Stalker Stalker.PNG
  • Removes aim down sights movement speed penalty.
Bounce Back Bounce Back.PNG
  • Reduce your health regeneration delay.
Headstrong Headstrong.PNG
  • Gain an additional 25 armor.
Replenish Replenish.PNG
  • Downing an enemy reloads your currently equipped weapon and restores ammunition.

Mastery Rewards

Level Reward Icon Reward
Dallas Mastery Spray.png
Dallas Mastery Spray
Dallas Mastery Avatar.png
Dallas Mastery Avatar
Dallas Mastery Emote.png
Dallas Mastery Emote
Dallas Mastery Banner Icon.png
Dallas Mastery Banner
Dallas Mastery Border Icon.png
Dallas Mastery Border


Ingame Informations
Default Dallas.png Icon
Default Dallas Icon.png
Rarity: Common
Source: Default
Release Date: July 20, 2020

Texas Business Suit
Ingame Informations
Texas Business Suit Dallas.png Icon
Texas Business Suit Dallas Icon.png
Rarity: Uncommon
Source: Store Rotation: Currency Rogue Bucks.png 500
Release Date: September 16, 2020

Ingame Informations
Vigilante Dallas.png Icon
Vigilante Dallas Icon.png
Rarity: Rare
Source: Store Rotation: Currency Rogue Bucks.png 1,200
Release Date: September 2, 2020

Dr Disrespect
Ingame Informations
Dr Disrespect Dallas.png Icon
Dr Disrespect Dallas Icon.png
Rarity: Legendary
Source: Store Rotation: Currency Rogue Bucks.png 2,000
Release Date: October 14, 2020

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Weapons- The HRM-30KS is the most damaging assault rifle and has the shortest reload time. The Devotion has the most damage, range, handling, and has the shortest reload time, debatably making it the best DMR in the game. His choice of weaponry shows that does not want to be close to the enemy, but instead at a medium or further range.
  • Abilities- Dallas Target Finder ability will detect the enemy even if they were as far from him as possible.
  • Gadgets- The EMP grenade can be upgraded to increase the duration of its effect. Upgrading it again will allow you to carry one extra, allowing you to disable enemy options for a long period. The Incendiary Grenade can be used to restrict certain paths for the enemy team. It does 10 damage per hit and can be upgraded to increase radius. The second upgrade increases the duration of the fire.


  • Weapons- The HRM-30KS has the slowest fire rate and the smallest magazine size. The Devotion also has the slowest fire rate and the smallest magazine size. Dallas is good with damage but his weapons are very slow.
  • Abilities- If a Dallas player is not good enough, they may not be able to use his ability again because the requirement is that Dallas must down an enemy to reuse his ability. The Cloaked perk is the perfect counter to Dallas's ability. This will allow the enemy to be immune to Dallas's ability, making it useless if he goes up against an entire team with this perk.
  • Gadgets- Incendiary grenades can also hurt allies. Be sure to not let them enter the radius.

Tips and Tricks

As/With Dallas

  • Use your ability to see where the enemy team has gathered.
  • If skilled enough, downing enemies back to back will allow you to constantly reveal other enemies to ensure victory against the opposing team.
  • When playing against Scorch, do not throw your Incendiary Grenade at her because it will not affect her.
  • Be sure to have the Padded Steps perk equipped when using your ability. When you find the closest enemy, you will surprise them.
  • If Dallas reveals the closest enemy, you can assist his ambush or defend the area.

Against Dallas

  • Try not to run onto the frontlines as soon as possible when going against Dallas. If you do so, you will be revealed to the enemy team and possibly gunned down very quickly.
  • The Cloaked perk allows you to be immune to being revealed. The is the perfect counter move against Dallas's ability. There are currently six characters in the game with this perk. Chaac, Dahlia, Gl1tch, Phantom, Saint, and Vy.


Dallas' Quotes

Spawning in Ship

  • "Time to make some money."


  • "Hm, that'll do."
  • "Right you are."
  • "I reckon that'll work."

Eliminating an Enemy

  • "Buddy, you are so slow."
  • "(Laughs) Who's the fastest gun?"


  • "Need help!"
  • "I'm down!"


  • "Thanks."


  • "Come on buddy, check it off."

Marking Enemy Location

  • "Enemy spotted!"

Shot From Behind

  • "There behind us!"

Using Gadget

  • "Grenade out!"

Last Alive

  • "Looks like I'm gonna have to deal with this myself."

Hacking the Objective

  • "I've got the objective!"

Picking up the Bomb

  • "I've got the bomb!"

Planting Bomb

  • "I'm planting the bomb!"

Defusing Bomb

  • "Defusing the bomb!"


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