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"A mastermind of squad-based tactics, Dahlia now brings her expertise to Rogue Company as a fireteam leader."
— In-game Description

Dahlia is a playable Rogue featured Rogue Company.

Dahlia is Support Rogue, a Rogue Company member that provides combat assistance to her teammates. Dahlia can link with one of her squad members to revive them from far away if they go down. She can also use that linked member's passive ability during the round.


An elite soldier of the Marines, Dahlia quickly climbed the ranks for her unique leadership and only went as far as to be Second Lieutenant Dahlia. She always kept her squad intact and kept the upper hand when in combat. Suddenly, Dahlia asked to leave Marines to join Rogue Company. It was decided and she immediately impressed The Director, which made her decide that Dahlia should be set as the leaders in her squads.


Dahlia leadership come along with with other personalities, most notably dutiful, perceptive, demanding, and informative ones. Dahlia always reminds her teammates of their duties and the things that comes first. She is always perceptive, knowing what methods to plan out, when the enemy is defeated and finding alternatives when something doesn't go according to plan. Dahlia is often very demanding whenever she links with someone or telling her teammates to revive her when she is down. She informs her teammates whenever the hostiles are eliminated and when they can continue the mission. Dahlia never lacks in showing the necessary leadership to succeed in missions.


Objection Icon.png
MX-R Icon.png
Executioner Icon.png
Melee Weapon
Katana Icon.png
Smoke Grenade Icon.png
Grenade Icon.png


Active Danger Close

Danger Close.PNG

Link with an ally for the duration of the round. While that ally is downed you can reactivate this ability to immediately begin reviving them if you are within 30 meters.
Passive Buddy System

Buddy System.PNG

Inherit your linked ally's passive or the duration of the round.


Shredder Rounds Shredder Rounds.PNG Deal more damage to equipment and carry more ammunition.
Cloaked Cloaked.PNG Drastically reduce the duration of enemy reveals. Does not apply to persistent reveals.
Tenacity Tenacity.PNG Take reduced damage from explosives.
Stalker Stalker.PNG Removes aim down sights movement speed penalty.
Lifeline Lifeline.PNG Revive teammates significantly faster and start their health regeneration immediately.
Replenish Replenish.PNG Downing an enemy reloads your currently equipped weapon and restores ammunition.



"A sleek SMG that unleashes a withering hail of bullets."

"The MX-R is a rapid firing semi-automatic rifle."

The Objection is the fastest firing weapon in the game, but does the least damage and travels at the least distance. The MX-R has the third fastest fire rate and, when upgraded, has the longest range than other DMRs when they are at base tier. This DMR has the worst handling, the second lowest damage and the longest reload time. Dahlia's pistol is the Executioner, and it does 32 body damage. It is tied in second with the P12K for having the longest range. It behaves much similarly to a DMR, but has the worst handling and the longest reload time of any other pistol. It has the second slowest fire rate, so its damage and range are the best thing about this weapon.


Dahlia linked to a teammate.

Dahlia can revive teammates from afar just like Saint and will not be in a vulnerable state while doing it.


Dahlia uses the Smoke Grenade to block fields of vision to revive her teammates or to change the play of the battlefield. As a combat medic, she uses the Grenade to clear out enemies to give her team the advantage.

Significant Perks

Dahlia's key perks are Replenish, Lifeline and Tenacity. Replenish allows Dahlia to engage into another fight with a her clip reloaded instantly for additional support fire (MX-R) or to provide pressure fire (Objection). Lifeline can get allies back up as quickly as they got down. This combines well with Dahlia's link ability because then, her allies would get back in the fight with their health back before they know it. Tenacity allows to Anvil take less damage from explosives, so he'll have a better chance of staying alive more than others.

Notable Strengths

Dahlia is a Rogue with a special privilege to where she can be played on attack or on defense. She can attack from close range, using the Objection, or from a further range, using the MX-R. Dahlia can get allies back up as quickly as they got down and survive explosive attacks, allowing her to stay on her feet to support her teammates. Due to her being a combat medic, Replenish goes well with the Objection, as the ammo runs out quickly because of its fire rate.

Notable Weaknesses

Dahlia can be out-gunned from a distance when using the Objection (with assault rifles, DMRs or snipers) or out-gunned close up when using the MX-R (with SMGs and shotguns).


Dahlia plays as an all-around Rogue, playing different roles in each situation that she faces. Dahlia can gain certain passives to counter the enemy's arsenal, such as Immunity, Fireproof, or Athletic. She can also gain certain passives to help her or her team in certain ways, such as Medical Expertise, Gadget Up or Burned.

Rogue Match-Up Synergy Match-Up Difficulty
Anvil Portrait.png


Chaac Portrait.png


Dahlia Portrait.png


Dallas Portrait.png


Dima Portrait.png


Gl1tch Portrait.png


Kestrel Portrait.png


Lancer Portrait.png


Phantom Portrait.png


Ronin Portrait.png


Linking with Ronin when going against Talon would nearly make the radar dart useless because he heavily relies on it for intel. Both you and Ronin can sneak around without appearing on the Minimap and surprise enemies.
Saint Portrait.png


Scorch Portrait.png


Seeker Portrait.png


Sigrid Portrait.png


Talon Portrait.png


TheFixer Portrait.png

The Fixer

Trench Portrait.png


Vy Portrait.png


Major Synergy

  • (To be added)

Major Counter

  • (To be added)

Mastery Rewards

Level Reward Icon Reward Level Reward Icon Reward
Dahlia Mastery Spray.png
Dahlia Mastery Spray 6 / /
Dahlia Mastery Avatar.png
Dahlia Mastery Avatar 7 / /
Dahlia Mastery Emote.png
Dahlia Mastery Emote 8 / /
Dahlia Mastery Banner Icon.png
Dahlia Mastery Banner 9 / /
Dahlia Mastery Border Icon.png
Dahlia Mastery Border 10
Epic Title Icon.png
"Tactician" Title


Ingame Informations
Default Dahlia.png Icon
Default Dahlia Icon.png
Rarity: Common
Source: Default
Release Date: September 30, 2020

Neon Warfare
Ingame Informations
Neon Warfare Dahlia.png Icon
Neon Warfare Dahlia Icon.png
Rarity: Uncommon
Source: Store Rotation: Currency Rogue Bucks.png 500
Release Date: March 10, 2020

Tactical Unicorn
Ingame Informations
Tactical Unicorn Dahlia.png Icon
Tactical Unicorn Dahlia Icon.png
Rarity: Uncommon
Source: Store Rotation: Currency Rogue Bucks.png 800
Release Date: December 30, 2020

Ingame Informations
Flightpath Dahlia.png Icon
Flightpath Dahlia Icon.png
Rarity: Legendary
Source: Store Rotation: Currency Rogue Bucks.png 2,000
Release Date: September 7, 2021 Runway Update


Dahlia's Quotes

Spawning in Ship

  • "Everyone follow the plan."
  • "Get ready, mission starting in twenty."
  • "I'm in charge. Anyone got a problem with that?"
  • "I want clean kills. Watch your lines of fire. No mistakes!"


  • "Good enough."
  • "Sure."
  • "That will help."
  • "Okay..."

Linking With Teammate

  • "You're with me."
  • "You take point!"

First Blood

  • "We have the advantage!"

Eliminating an Enemy

  • Hostiles cleared out."
  • "You miscalculated."

On a killstreak

  • "Enemy force eliminated. Continuing mission."
  • "Time to get my hands dirty now and then."


  • "Revive me. Now!"


  • "I'm okay."


  • "You're fine, get up."
  • "Get back to fighting."

Reviving Linked Teammate

  • "What are you doing? On your, feet and back in the fight! I didn't say you can die."
  • "Get up. On your feet, soldier."

Marking Enemy Location

  • "Enemy spotted."

Shot From Behind

  • "Behind us!"

Using Gadget

  • "Lethal out."
  • "Utility out."

Last Alive

  • "This is what happens when you don't follow orders."
  • "This can still be won."

Hacking the Objective

  • "I have the objective!"
  • "I'm on the objective."

Picking up the Bomb

  • "I have the objective."

Planting Bomb

  • "I'm on the objective."

Defusing Bomb

  • "I'm defusing the bomb."


  • "I led us to victory, and I will do it again."



Dahlia has three kunais sheathed on her left leg, but they are never used in game.

Patch Notes

October 14, 2020 Patch Notes:

  • Grenade: Outer Radius damage reduced from 50 to 40. Reduced inner explosion radius from 3m to 2.5m. Reduced outer explosion radius from 4.25m to 4m. (Nerf)
  • Grenade Level 1 & 2: Outer Radius damage reduced from 50 to 40. Reduced inner explosion radius from 3.25m to 3m. Reduced outer explosion radius from 4.75m to 4.25m. (Nerf)
  • Objection: Range increased from 9.5m to 10m/Increased ADS movement speed. (Buff)
  • Executioner: Unlimited ammo gone, now has 84 rounds. (Nerf)

November 4, 2020 Patch Notes:

  • MX-R:
    • Hipfire accuracy was slightly reduced. (Nerf)
    • Range reduced from 31 to 27 meters. (Nerf)
    • Adjusted damage falloff range. (Adjustment)
    • Fixed an issue where players would still show up on the mini-map when shooting after purchasing the Level 3 Upgrade. (Adjustment)
    • Fixed an issue where this weapon had smaller reticle bloom than intended. (Adjustment)
  • Executioner- Damage falloff range was reduced. (Nerf)

December 16, 2020 Patch Notes:

  • MX-R: Fixed an issue where the Base and Level 1 Upgrade had the incorrect range. (Adjustment)
  • Cloaked: Players with Cloaked now show up “cold” when Fixer uses Thermal Vision.

January 13, 2021 Patch Notes:

  • Cloaked: No longer provides reveal immunity against persistent reveals. Sticky Sensor and Nano Smoke will always reveal enemy players and Cloaked will reduce the duration of Dallas and Tracker Rounds by 50%. (Nerf)

February 3, 2021 Patch Notes:

  • Executioner- Falloff damage reduced. (Nerf)
  • MX-R:
    • Fixed an issue that inadvertently increased the MX-R’s fire rate. Fire rate is now 4.7. (Adjustment)
    • Headshot damage reduced from 48 to 44. Body damage reduced from 32 to 30. (Nerf)

March 10, 2021 Patch Notes:

  • March 2021:
  • March 2021:

March 26, 2021 Patch Notes:

  • Objection: Reduced Max Accuracy Loss (Buff)
  • MX-R: Increased Falloff Damage. Damage increased from 29 to 30. (Buff)
  • Replenish: Now triggers on Downs and Eliminations (Buff)

May 2021 Patch Notes:

  • Objection:
    • Headshot damage reduced from 16 to 15. (Nerf)
    • Body damage increased from 11 to 13. (Buff)
  • MX-R: Body damage increased from 30 to 34. (Buff)
  • Executioner:
    • Headshot damage reduced from 48 to 42. (Nerf)
    • Body damage reduced from 32 to 30. (Nerf)
  • Tenacity:
    • Now cost $8K instead of $6.5K. (Nerf)
    • Now reduces explosive damage by 40%. (Buff)